Bonjour! I’m Laura.
One weekend in Paris really can change your life, or at least it changed mine. When studying abroad in London, I went to Paris for a few days. I immediately called home afterward and asked my parents if I could stay in school for another year to add a French major because I fell for the language, people and culture. The following summer, I worked in the South of France, which deepened my appreciation of the country.
Now every time I visit France, I fall in love all over again. From soft chatter in a café, to the visual feast in a bakery, to busy sidewalks where you feel shoulder-to-shoulder with daily French life. I try to imprint every last bit of these experiences into my memory — and I want to share them with you.
La Vie Moderne brings a piece of France into your life. Even at home, elements of a modern French lifestyle can give you the feeling you’re in France everyday. With each of my travels, I learn new little secrets of l’art de vivre (the art of living) to share on my blog [link to blog]. There you’ll find tips and stories about a simple floral arrangement, a cherished daily routine or a newly discovered artisan. Each post represents my love of France and the lifestyle found there.
Thank you for joining me in bringing these beautiful moments into our daily lives. 
Merci, Laura